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The number one multi sports system

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Street StadiaTM is a fantastic portable system that turns an open area into a dynamic sports and activity arena in just a matter of minutes. Designed for use on grass, tarmac, concrete and artificial surfaces, Street StadiaTM is suitable for play and events – both indoor and outdoor.

Street StadiaTM provides clubs and communities with their own mobile sports and activities facility that can be used as a venue to play, learn, coach and educate (it can even be used to safely challenge inappropriate behaviour)

The multi-use, multi-functional system has been specifically designed to ensure that it can host a whole range of events, activities and sports. Along with Soccer, Street StadiaTM: is quickly and easily adapted for a variety of sports.

One of the major benefits of Street StadiaTM is that it quickly dismantles into separate components that are easily transported. The custom designed Street StadiaTM trailer stores the whole system and makes moving from site to site safe and convenient. Street StadiaTM is so versatile that it can be used for any sport or multi activity event and can even be taken into community settings for street soccer, basketball or dance tournaments.

Product Details/Dimensions:
Street StadiaTM is currently available in 3 different sizes :-
The 18m x 12m Street StadiaTM is the most popular sized system and is ideal for a whole range of soccer and sporting events.
The 15m x 10m Street StadiaTM is another system that has proved successful with soccer clubs and community projects. It is the ideal size for small sided senior soccer and perfect for junior soccer matches.
The 12m x 8m Street StadiaTM is great for mini soccer and junior soccer events and due to its size is even quicker to assemble.
Street StadiaTM Components & Assembly
Street StadiaTM was designed using top quality components tested by a team of experts in the UK . It can be quickly assembled and easily transported using a 10ft x 6ft x 6ft trailer.
Hard wearing high impact panels connect together to form the perfect perimeter and specially designed stanchions, made from strong aluminium profiled steel, interlink with each panel to make your Street StadiaTM strong, free standing, durable and suitable for almost any surface.
Goal Posts
Each Street StadiaTM is supplied with two goal posts (180cm x 120cm) which are simple to assemble and connect to the specifically designed Street StadiaTM stanchions. These goal posts have been manufactured in line with FIFA and UEFA guidelines for safety and quality.
Door Panel
Every Street StadiaTM also includes a specially adapted door section that connects to perimeter panels and enables easy access to the arena.
A full set of perimeter net poles are supplied with each Street StadiaTM system and fit neatly inside each stanchion. Netting is then simply attached to each of the stanchions and pulled taught.
Customize your own Street StadiaTM

Our skilled manufacturers in the UK have the capabilities to meet the needs of any Street StadiaTM customer – if you have specific requirements why not get in touch with our team and talk to us about a customized solution. Call us on 281-272-2724 or mail

Options include:-

· Increased perimeter size to provide a larger playing area
· Personalised netting in team or club colours
· Different sized goal posts
· Additional door sections in order to provide even greater access
· Further components to turn your Street StadiaTM into a multi-sports arena
Extra Features
Why not light up your Street StadiaTM with our floodlights?
As an optional extra, Street StadiaTM can be supplied with its own fully portable battery powered floodlighting system enabling that the arena to be used at night. On full power the floodlights operate for at least 3 hours and can operate for up to 10 hours on a lower setting. The floodlight system is safe and as it extends up to 3.2m it will light up the whole playing area.
Street StadiaTM custom built trailer
The specifically designed Street StadiaTM trailer stores the whole system and makes moving from venue to venue, swift, safe and convenient. The trailer offers great stability whilst towing and it has been carefully adapted to safely house all of the Street StadiaTM components. Shelving compartments integrated into the trailer provide convenient storage for your important product.
Optional extras include drop down rear tailgate and double rear opening doors, side personnel doors, side roller shutters and extra built in shelving and storage systems are available upon request.
Use Street StadiaTM to advertise!
The Street StadiaTM panels offer a fantastic opportunity to create brand awareness and can be directly printed upon in high quality to utilise the court as an instant marketing and advertising vessel.
Why not have a number of your system’s panels specifically branded with designs of your choice to promote sponsors or affiliates to players and spectators whilst your Street StadiaTM is in use?
The Street StadiaTM panels proactively market your brand offering a low cost advertising solution. Reaching potential customers in a way not possible via other marketing channels promoting a positive and healthy message for your business or service.
Sport has a special relationship with millions of people which makes Street StadiaTM a powerful method of communication. Corporate brand awareness, company advertising, message communication and information sharing can all be easily applied and displayed on the perimeter panels.
Call us on 281-272-2724 or mail
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Lease financing significantly reduces the cost impact of buying new equipment because leasing does not require a down payment and your investment is spread over a longer term. In almost every situation leasing is more cost effective than purchasing.
  • Avoid a large up-front expense
  • You can buy more equipment even if you have limited cash
  • Payments are 100% tax deductible (like rent)
  • Leaves cash and credit lines free for emergencies
  • Increases working capital for other projects
  • Includes all warranties, shipping, installation and taxes
  • Faster and easier to qualify for than bank financing
  • No blanket liens or annual audits (keep your books private)
  • Equipment can be installed and up and running quickly
For more information contact our Financing Specialist:
Mike Reiner
Phone: 512-301-9819

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