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Street Stadia - the innovative solution for your portable sports needs. Now available to buy and rent in the United States!
Street Stadia is a fantastic new product that can be utilized to transform an open space into a dynamic sports arena in a matter of minutes. Designed for use on grass, tarmac, concrete and artificial surfaces - soccer is now no longer restricted to just the sports field! Developed using top quality components Street Stadia is durable, adaptable to a number of sports, fully portable and easily transport from venue to venue using a custom designed trailer.
It's ideal for professional and amateur sports clubs, educational institutes, church groups, corporate businesses, governmental youth groups and non profit organizations throughout the country.
For the first time Street Stadia TM is now also available in the USA and Prem Soccer Solutions, Inc are delighted to have been appointed as the official and exclusive distributors.
Turn any area to a great sporting/activity event with Street Stadia. For soccer, volleyball, badminton, tennis, hockey, dodge ball, and so much more..... MLS/USL Clubs - Great soccer arena that can be used for pre-post activities on premise at the sports stadium. Can be used for youth camps/academies, charitable events, community activities, and additional advertising panels for sponsors. Youth sports clubs - Street Stadia can be utilized for your youth soccer club to enhance the mechanics and technique plus ball ratio of your players. Educational Institutions - Great sports equipment to have in your school to use for numerous sporting activities. Churches - Great for adult and youth activities to build a healthy body and mind. Residential - Great for Birthday parties, family get together, and just about any occasion. Multinational companies - Ideal for all those corporate events and sponsorships. Plus great to use for company parties to boost interaction of colleagues. Street Soccer - Organize a Street Soccer event or tournament on any surface. Government organizations- Use Street Stadia to fight crime. Street Stadia is limitless in its function and capacity ......

Call us on 321-323-1818 or mail:

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Lease financing significantly reduces the cost impact of buying new equipment because leasing does not require a down payment and your investment is spread over a longer term. In almost every situation leasing is more cost effective than purchasing.
  • Avoid a large up-front expense
  • You can buy more equipment even if you have limited cash
  • Payments are 100% tax deductible (like rent)
  • Leaves cash and credit lines free for emergencies
  • Increases working capital for other projects
  • Includes all warranties, shipping, installation and taxes
  • Faster and easier to qualify for than bank financing
  • No blanket liens or annual audits (keep your books private)
  • Equipment can be installed and up and running quickly
For more information contact our Financing Specialist:
Mike Reiner
Phone: 512-301-9819

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Street Stadia has truly been a great addition to Orlando City Soccer Club, creating entertainment and excitement for our fans in a safe environment. Street Stadia is a unique product, which creates an enjoyable and energetic atmosphere...
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